Rowenta DW5080 Review: Is It Worth a Buy?

Review of: Rowenta Dw5080

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On June 6, 2016
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Rowenta dw5080 is one of the best rowenta iron, and it has some classical features like High wattage, Larger water tank, Sharped precision tip, Powerful shot of steam, Self-cleaning, Three-way smart automatic off, Auto calc, Vertical & Variable steam, Large thermostat knob, etc. Do check out our honest rowenta dw5080 review.

Rowenta is one of the best company for selling good & affordable steam irons in the markets. And, most of the Rowenta irons are listed in best-selling irons list of the Amazon.

But, this is the truth about Rowenta is that its every model is not worth a buy.

Well, is it true?

Yes, It is.

Are you wondering Rowenta dw5080 is worth a buy? Do you want to see honest Rowenta dw5080 review? If so, then you are at the right place.

Later in this review, I will show you the best features of the Rowenta dw5080 focus steam iron.

Honest Rowenta DW5080 Review:

Rowenta dw5080 review

Highlighted features:

  • 1700 watts of power
  • Anti-drip
  • Three-way smart auto off
  • Stainless steel soleplate with 400 steam holes
  • Larger water tank with graduation water lines
  • Powerful shot of steam (100g/min)
  • Vertical & variable steam
  • Auto cleaning system
  • Anti-calcium system

Modernised Design serves you BETTER User experience:

Rowenta dw5080 focus steam iron soleplate

The Rowenta dw5080 has a modernized look with stainless steel soleplate with smart precision tip. Sharper precision tip allows you to remove wrinkles from hard reaching areas around corner and button. High polished stainless steel soleplate has 400 micro holes which provide perfect steam distribution on the garments.

Microsteam holes cover all the portion of the soleplate including centre & bottom area for efficient steam distribution, and the vast amount of micro holes at bottom area help you to remove creases when iron moved back to edges areas. While it easily glides over all different types of garments.

Powerful burst of steam removes creases quickly:

Rowenta dw5080 steam iron burst of steam

A burst of steam feature produces the powerful shot of the steam(100g/min) and erases wrinkles from difficult areas. While vertical steam feature allows you to do ironing by holding iron just away from the fabrics. Also, Variable steam feature provides you different amount of steam according to types of materials are being used for ironing.

Here’s the deal:

Rowenta dw5080 has some features that will increase its lifetime & performance.


Anti-calcium system is preventing calcium and impurities to build up and improve the life & performance of the iron. While auto cleaning feature cleans iron automatically and you don’t have to clean yourself. Sometimes you will have to work at low temperature then Anti-drip feature helps a lot. It will prevent leakage of water drops at low temperature and ensure optimal performance.

Three-way smart automatic shutoff facility is switching off iron if it stands left vertically for 8 minutes, 30 seconds if it tipped over on its soleplate and 30 seconds if left horizontally. In addition, It also saves the electricity while you are doing an ironing.

Higher wattage helps iron to reach at desired temperature quickly:

1700 watts of power saves your ironing time, and it will arrive at desired temperature in minimum time. It will also help you while you use spray mist.

Larger water tank:

Rowenta dw5080 has larger water tank of 10 ounces with graduation lines to indicate water levels, and you can use tap water in it, no need to use distilled water. But, if you are not satisfied with this capacity of water tank then you should go with Rowenta dw8080 steam iron which has a larger water tank and higher steam output.

Cord length & its design:

Rowenta dw5080 has cord length 7 feet and pivots 360 degree which is sufficient length. But if you are looking for the extra long cord of 12 feet then you should go with T-fal Fv4495 ultra glide steam iron.

Want to know the best part of the Rowenta dw5080 iron?

Thermostat knob

Here, It is Large Thermostat Knob which is settled above the water tank, and it indicates five different types of fabric settings namely nylon, silk, cotton, wool and linen. So you only have to set knob according to types of materials are being used for ironing. Besides, Steam control lever also located at the top with spray mist and spray jet buttons.


Powerful burst of steam:

It produces a high amount of steam(100g/min) which helps you to do ironing fast and quickly. One more thing you can’t ignore is 400 micro holes on soleplate that it well crafted and helps you to erase wrinkles and creases from the garments.

It has 1700 watt of power so you don’t have to wait a long time, and it reaches the desired temperature quickly.

Larger water tank:

You will get larger water tank of 10 ounces, and another thing is you can use tap water( It’s recommended) but some users also stated that spring water is also working fine. And you don’t need to use distilled water.

Large thermostat knob:

Above water tank, there is a large thermostat knob which has five different types of settings according to types of fabric you are ironing. Which will automatically adjust settings for material?

Smoothly glide:

It has highly polished non-stick stainless steel soleplate which is easily glides over all types of fabrics. So you do have to apply less efforts, and ironing will be done in short time.

Smart precision tip:

It has enhanced & sharp precision tip that allows you to remove wrinkles from hard reaching areas like corners, and around buttons.



Some of the users stated that it’s heavy which could cause a problem of pain in hands while doing an ironing. It’s weight of 3.4 lbs when empty and when water inside in it, It becomes heavier. But one advantage is that if iron is heavy, then you don’t need to give more pressure on the fabrics during the ironing.

Water runs out fast:

If iron produces a large amount of steam, then it will require more water. So when you do ironing you might refill water tanks more times.

Auto off:

Since it’s an auto off feature, it doesn’t have on/off button which means you can not shut off iron until you pulling the plug out.


Where is Rowenta dw5080 steam iron made?

It’s made in Germany.

Does it drip?

It doesn’t drip, but if you don’t heat up enough before ironing, then it might drip.

Where I get Rowenta dw5080 best price?

You would get the best price at here.

Where to buy Rowenta dw5080 steam iron?

You can buy from Amazon.

Our verdict:

After lots of researching, I come to the point that Rowenta dw5080 is one of the best rowenta steam iron in the market. It has lots of useful features that others don’t have while it’s some precipitating factors.

If you are wondering which factors should take while buying an iron then our detailed guide help you from here.

However, we have listed top rated steam irons that you should check out once, and if you want to see other honest best rowenta iron reviews, then you would go here.

Do let me know how rowenta dw5080 review helps you via comments. If you find this review useful for others, then don’t hesitate to share on social media and with friends.


Have a great day ahead!

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