Comparison of Top Ten Steam Irons of 2016

DW5197 Focus
Rowenta DW8080
Our User Rating4.8/5.04.9/5.04.4/5.0
Cord Length7 ft.8 ft.7 ft.
Auto CleanYesYesYes
Steam Holes400400400
Steam Output100g/min180g/min200g/min
Water Tank Capacity10 ozN/A12.7 oz
Anti DripYesYesYes
Anti CalciumYesYesYes
Weight3.4 lbs2.2 lbs3.5 lbs
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
Auto OffYesNoYes
SolePlateScratch Resistant Stainless Steel NonstickScratch Resistant Stainless Steel NonstickStainless Steel Nonstick
Extra Features+ Vertical Steam
+ Enhanced high precision tip delivers steam and pressing into hard-to-reach areas
+ Large Thermostat Knob
+ Graduation Lines - For a precise water indication
+ Anti-scale system removes limescale
+ 360° Pivoting Cord
+ No Auto-Off so fashion designers will never have to worry about the iron turning off while applying Applique's, heat sealing a hem or embossing
+ Vertical Steam
+ Adjustable Steam
+ Spray Mist
+ Sharper precision tip and easy-to-read ergonomic controls
+ Crystal tank with graduated lines for easy-to-see water levels
+ Variable Steam
+ Vertical Steam
+ Spray Mist
+ Extra Long Burst of Steam
+ 360° Pivoting Cord
Price++Check Out Price++++Check Out Price++++Check Out Price++++Check Out Price++++Check Out Price++
ModelBlack & decker d2030T-fal FV4495 Rowenta
black & decker-d2030tfal-FV4495rowenta-dw9280panasonic-NI-W810CSpanasonic-NI-E250TR
Our User Rating4.1/5.04.1/5.04.0/5.04.1/5.03.8/5.0
Cord Length7 ft. 8"12 ft.7 ft.8 ft.8 ft.
Auto CleanYesYeaYesYesNo
Steam Holes62644008029
Steam OutputN/A100g/min210g/minN/AN/A
Water Tank Capacity10 oz9 oz10.8 oz6.5 oz7.1 oz
Anti DripNoYesYesNoNo
Anti CalciumNoYesYesYesYes
Weight3.2 lbs3 lbs3lbs 14oz3 lbs3.3 lbs
Warranty2 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Auto OffYesYesYesYesNo
SolePlateINOX Stainless Steel NonstickCeramic Scratch Resistant Nonstick SoleplateStainless Steel MicrosteamCeramic Scratch Resistant Nonstick SoleplateTitanium Nonstick
Extra Features+ LCD Display
+ Vertical Steam Surge
+ Variable Steam Options
+ 7-Type Fabric Selector
+ 360° Pivoting Cord
+ Vertical Steam
+ Variable Steam
+ Extra large heel for extra stability
+ Anti-scale system removes limescale
+ Smart Steam Motion Sensor turns off variable steam when iron is not in motion
+ Ready Temp System
+ Pump injection technology pushes 30% more steam into fabrics
+ Vertical Steam
+ 3-Way Auto Shut-Off
+ 360° Pivoting Cord
+ Multi-Directional 360-degree iron capability with a double tipped soleplate
+ Vertical Steam
+ 5 Fabric Settings
+ 4 Steam Settings - High, Medium, Low & Dry
+ Spray Mist
+ U-Shaped steam circulating soleplate
+ Adjustable Steam
+ Spray Mist
+ Temperature Dial Control
+ Clear Water Window
+ 360° Pivoting Cord